Project Report Guidelines

Seventh annual Clinic on Meaningful Modeling of Epidemiological Data

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa
May 30 - June 10, 2016

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  • Each group should submit a written report on the group’s progress by August 1. Reports should be 6–10 pages (not more).
  • Reports should include the following elements:
    • Brief introduction - State your research question/s, describe the data available, and outline your approach.
    • Methods - Give a detailed account of your methods, including statistical and dynamical modeling. Also describe what you know about how the data were collected, including who collected the data and a for what purpose. Include a link to your code repository in this section.
    • Results - Describe your results to date. Include tables and figures, as appropriate.
    • Issues - Describe any obstacles you’ve encountered, your attempts to overcome them, and what your next steps would be to address these problems.
    • Plans - Do you intend to continue further with the project, and to pursue publication? If so, what are your anticipated next steps? Outline a proposed timeline for completion and submission. We will provided detailed feedback on your plans, including our assessment of the feasibility of publication and achievability of the proposed timeline.
    • Contributions - Describe the contributions of each group member to the progress you’ve made to date (eg, who did what parts of the analysis, who wrote which sections, etc).
  • Reports should be submitted via email to Submit your report as a single PDF document.
  • All code used in the generation of the report should be available via your group’s GitHub repository, and a link to the repository should be included in the submitted report.